Treaty meetings

Each year governments, the CMC, and international organizations gather for Meetings of States Parties and Intersessional Meetings.

During these meetings, progress in universalizing and implementing the Convention on Cluster Munitions is assessed, and challenges addressed. The CMC has an observer status at these meetings, and at the Review Conferences that measures overall progress every five years. The CMC brings expertise from affected areas, makes sure the voices of cluster munition survivors are heard, shares research and analysis of progress made, discusses with governments to ensure they respect their commitments, hosts side events, and provides information to the media.

Every year, the Convention on Cluster Munitions has a Meeting of States Parties where governments, the CMC and international organizations gather to assess progress and address challenges in universalizing and implementing the convention.

Use the links below to find CMC statements, summaries of the proceedings, background documents, information for the media, lists of side events, and official documents.