The below infographics - which can be downloaded from the Syria webpage - help illustrate the horrific nature of cluster bombs, and the destruction they cause both at the time of use, and for decades after the end of conflicts. Please make use of these, and help spread the message that more countries must get on board the Convention on Cluster Munitions and help rid the world of cluster bombs.

Syria Infographic 1 No Of Governorates Bombed 300X300


Syria Infographic 2 157 Countries Have Condemned Use 300X221

Syria Infographic 3 Examples Of Strike Locations 300 X 150

Syria Infographic 4 Submunitions Vs Certified Physicians 300 X 146


Syria Infographic 5 Number Of Nights Of Fear 300X124

Syria Infographic 6 Impact Area Of Cluster Bomb Strike 300X323


Syria Infographic 7 Casualty Breakdown Of Victims 300X259 Syria Infographic 8 Legacy Of Cluster Bombs 300X278