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CMC media toolkit


  • To view and download high-resolution photographs, please visit the CMC’s Flickr photostream;
  • For information on what cluster munitions are and the harm these indiscriminate weapons cause to individuals and communities see the CMC video Unacceptable Harm
  • For information on the Convention on Cluster Munitions, and how the international ban is saving lives watch CMC videos on the Ban, Stockpile Destruction and Clearance, as well as on the groundbreaking provisions in the Convention for Victim Assistance;
  • See the CMC YouTube channel for more information on the Cluster Munition Coalition’s global activities to promote and implement the ban on this terrible weapon;
  • Real Life Stories – Testimonies from people around the world who have been affected by cluster munitions.

We can provide additional photos and footage documenting the effects of cluster bomb use, showing stockpile destruction and spotlighting affected people and communities, as well as highlighting key conferences and events, upon request.

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