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The coalition, active in around 100 countries around the world, works to change the policy and practice of governments and organizations, and to raise awareness of the problem amongst the public.

 Branislav Kapetanovic CMC Ambassador

Mr. Branislav Kapetanović

Branislav Kapetanović was an Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert in Serbia and witnessed the immediate impact of the use of cluster munitions first hand in 1999. In 2000, he was seriously injured during the verification of a site to confirm contamination by unexploded cluster submunitions, losing his arms and legs in the explosion. After several years spent in recovery and more than 25 surgical procedures, Branislav became a passionate advocate for a ban on cluster munitions and has participated in numerous international conferences as the Spokesperson for the Cluster Munition Coalition.

Branislav participated in all meetings of the Oslo process to ban cluster munitions, conducting meetings with governments as well as media briefings, bringing the topic of the humanitarian impact of cluster munitions closer to people with different backgrounds and different degrees of understanding of the problem. He has worked to educate youth in various countries on the subject of cluster munitions and principles of humanitarian disarmament more broadly.

Branislav has been involved in national and regional awareness raising activities in Southeast Europe such as risk education programs, parliamentary hearings, lectures at universities and in working with religious leaders.

In 2015 Branislav was appointed as CMC Ambassador, to promote the universalization and implementation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions around the world and in his own region.