05 September 2011

One week until governments banning cluster bombs meet in heavily-affected Lebanon

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.The final countdown to the Second Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions begins today.In one week’s time this important milestone in the Convention’s history will get underway in Beirut—a most appropriate location because of the widespread suffering caused by cluster munitions in Lebanon.Globally, CMC campaigners are working hard to lobby their governments to ensure they come to the conference with thorough plans to clear contaminated land, destroy stockpiles of cluster munitions, and assist victims of the weapon.To celebrate one year of the lifesaving Convention on Cluster Munitions becoming binding international law, CMC members from all over the world held scores of sports events in August 2011, urging States to "Join the Team" banning cluster bombs.This collection of photographs gives a snapshot of just a few of the brilliant events that took place in August, and demonstrates the commitment of the CMC’s members.From Australia to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Japan to the Netherlands, Belarus to Iraq, Lao PDR and Gambia, hundreds of people celebrated the achievements so far in ridding the world of deadly, indiscriminate cluster bombs.By playing games, running races, holding concerts and hosting tournaments, campaigners called on all countries to Join the Team dedicated to eradicating these weapons altogether.To see lots more photographs and read in more detail about the global call to Join the Team please visit www.august1.orgRepresentatives from about 100 governments are expected to attend the Second Meeting of States Parties next week to report on how they will implement the 66-point action plan agreed on at the First Meeting of States Parties held in Lao PDR last November.They will be joined by more than 220 CMC campaigners from more than 60 different countries, including cluster bomb survivors, deminers and field operators from many affected countries.The CMC calls on all countries to come to Beirut and show progress in clearing contaminated land, destroying cluster munition stockpiles, and ensuring affected communities receive much-needed assistance. Those who have not yet joined the convention are also invited to attend.