05 June 2010

Chile to host global conference on cluster bomb ban treaty

(Santiago, 3 June 2010) – The first international meeting on cluster bombs since the 2008 treaty banning the weapon was signed is due to open in Santiago, Chile next Monday, 7 June 2010. More than 80 governments and 125 campaigners including cluster bomb survivors are expected to participate in the three-day conference hosted by the government of Chile and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).This key conference will lay the groundwork for the upcoming First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention, which will take place from 8-12 November in Lao PDR, the most heavily affected country. More than 125 representatives of non-governmental organisations from some 50 countries in all regions of the world will attend the conference under the banner of the Cluster Munition Coalition to ensure that governments keep their promises and to urge as many states as possible to get on board the ban treaty this year. To date, 106 countries have signed the treaty, 36 of which have already ratified since it opened for signature in December 2008 – a very swift pace for an international treaty.WHAT:     Universal Meeting on the Convention on Cluster MunitionsWHEN:     Monday 7 June – Wednesday 9 June 2010 (Official opening at 9:30 a.m., Monday, 7 June) WHERE:     Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center, Avenida Santa María 1742, Providencia, Santiago, Chile   WHO: 

  • Government representatives from more than 80 countries – including former users and stockpilers of cluster munitions and those affected by the weapon
  • Donor countries, United Nations agencies, and international organisations involved in the Convention on Cluster Munitions
  • Around 125 people representing international civil society organisations from some 50 countries – including cluster bomb survivors, policy experts, researchers, deminers and advocates
Official site of the Chile Universal Meeting on the Convention on Cluster MunitionsConvocatoria a los medios para la Conferencia de Chile