Convention on Cluster Munitions Second Review Conference

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In preparation for the November 2020 Convention on Cluster Munitions Review Conference, the CMC is calling attention to the urgent need to stop cluster munition use immediately and ensure the rights and obligations enshrined in the Convention.

This year, Switzerland holds the Treaty Presidency and will be hosting the Second Review Conference in Lausanne, 23-27 November. The CMC will be working closely with the Presidency and CCM stakeholders to gain wider visibility for the Treaty and the horrendous impact of cluster munitions, and help push plans for as many ratifications and accessions as possible this year, in accordance with the Dubrovnik Action Plan. 

In preparation, we're calling on ALL states to join this life saving treaty immediately to prevent further death and suffering from internationally banned cluster munitions.

Five years ago, at the last Review Conference, States committed in the Dubrovnik Action Plan that they would strive to increase the number of States Parties to 130 by the 2RevCon. To date 121 states have endorsed the goals of the Convention, of which 108 have become States Parties and 13 still remain Signatories. This means we need to bring onboard another 22 countries to achieve the Dubrovnik goal! 

We are asking Cluster Munition Coalition members to reach out to governments globally and call on those states not on board the Convention, to Join Now and put an end to the death and suffering caused by these weapons. You can find a template letter here. For more information contact CMC Advocacy and Campaigns Manager:

See more on the CMC Calls to Action and Key Messages around the Review Conference, here.

Convention on Cluster Munitions 2nd Review Conference Webpage



We are using the umbrella slogan - STOP CLUSTER BOMBS NOW! - together with five specific calls:

  • Join the Treaty
  • Save lives (girls, boys, women, men)
  • Ensure survivors' rights
  • Prevent future tragedies
  • Support community livelihoods

Please do download and use the logo and taglines in your campaign advocacy efforts!. You can find versions in English, French, and Spanish here. The files have a "Join the Treaty" tagline, which may be exchanged with any of the above calls. 

  • Join us in using the logo and messages on FB and Twitter.
  • Use the graphic and hashtag - #StopClusterBombsNow - in conjunction with the logo. 

Download 12 Reasons Why States Should Join CCM Without Delay - graphic. 


Watch CMC member videos calling for ALL states to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions to #StopClusterBombsNow!

Please contact Communications and Network Administration Manager, Jared Bloch, with questions regarding Review Conference communications -