29 May 2020

Join Treaty Now! Says CMC Ambassador on the 12th Anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Branislav CCW 4Revconx599

May 30th is the twelfth anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) and activists around the world join 121 States Parties and signatories to the Convention in calling on all countries to join without delay. As we prepare to meet in Switzerland this November for the Convention’s Second Review Conference, we can take a moment to reflect on the Convention and its role in preventing further casualties by this indiscriminate weapon.

The Convention was adopted because all of us, states and NGOs, knew that cluster munitions overwhelmingly injure and kill civilians at the time of attack and decades after. Ever since, the use of cluster munitions has been met with widespread international condemnation. While multilateralism is being tested in the response to many challenges today, the Convention on Cluster Munitions and the community created around it represent the best of international cooperation. The spirit of solidarity we all felt in Dublin twelve years ago still presents the driving force behind the Convention on Cluster Munitions and pushes it forward.

It is too early to celebrate though - only through universal adoption of the treaty we will rid the world of this horrific weapon and ensure support for communities living with its deadly legacy.  We want countries to pick up the pace and join in this humanitarian effort as soon as possible!

That said, we also need to ensure that the progress made under the Convention continues and that communities affected by this horrible weapon are supported, and survivor’s rights guaranteed, leaving no one behind. Multilateral action to ensure the safety and rights of all citizens, including cluster munition survivors and all persons with disabilities, has never been more important than in current context of the COVID 19 global pandemic. We will not accept any delays – we need clearance and victim assistance to happen now. 

Our message is clear – join the Convention on Cluster Munitions to save lives, ensure survivor rights and prevent future tragedies!

Stop cluster bombs now!

Cluster Munition Coalition Ambassador,

Mr. Branislav Kapetanović