02 September 2019

Convention on Cluster Munitions 9MSP

CMC joined States 2-4 September in Geneva for the 9th Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

During the three-day meeting States noted the Convention's success in globally stigmatizing cluster munitions and preventing further civilian harm by these nefarious weapons, and the need to bring more countries on board immediately to achieve 130 States Parties by 2020 – a target set by States at the First Review Conference in 2015. States loudly condemned any use of cluster munitions, anywhere, by anyone. 

During the meeting, the 9MSP President, Aliyar Lebbe Abdul Azeez, officially handed over Presidency of the Convention to Swiss Ambassador, Félix Baumann. Switzerland will preside over the Convention's Second Review Conference taking place in 2020.  

The Cluster Munition Coalition thanks the outgoing Presidency for their stewardship, and welcomes working with the Swiss Presidency in preparation for the Review Conference. 

To see the meeting agenda and States' documents, visit the Convention on Cluster Munitions website.

Please see below for a full listing of ICBL-CMC statements and comments delivered at the meeting.

You can see pictures from the meeting on the CMC Flickr page. 

 Switzerland 9MSP


ICBL-CMC Statements