15 August 2018

Croatia completes stockpile destruction!

 Croatia Delegation in Oslo

 PHOTO: Gunnar Mjaugedal/catchlight.no

"We would like to congratulate the government of Croatia for the successful fulfillment of its obligations under Article 3 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions," said newly appointed ICBL-CMC Director, Hector Guerra following the recent declaration by Republic of Croatia. Under article 3 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions or CCM, States Parties may not stockpile cluster munitions, and must also destroy their existing stocks within eight years of joining.

Croatia has been a champion of the CCM beginning with the Oslo Process that led to creation of the Convention. As a state affected by cluster munition contamination, Croatia advocated for including the strongest possible provisions on victim assistance as well as placing a moratorium on the use, production, and transfer of cluster munitions in 2007, prior to conclusion of the Oslo process.

"We trust that this momentum will assist Croatia to complete its obligations under Article 4 - clearing the remaining contaminated areas in its territory - well in advance of its August 2020 deadline," said Guerra.

Croatia, which hosted the First Review Conference of the CCM in 2015, was also an important supporter of the first UN General Assembly resolution supporting the convention’s universalization and implementation.

"The Cluster Munition Coalition would like to make a call on the other CCM States Parties with obligations under Article 3, to join Croatia in fulfilling their stockpile destruction obligations as soon as possible," said Guerra.