27 May 2014

CMC Members join Costa Rican Government and UCR Law Faculty for a panel on 'Costa Rica In Humanitarian Disarmament'

Cluster Munition Coalition members from Latin America join the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Relations and Culture and University of Costa Rica Law Faculty today for a panel discussion examining the role of the country in humanitarian disarmament efforts.

The Panel titled “Costa Rica in Humanitarian Disarmament,” is the first in a series of events planned in in the run-up to the Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which will take place 2-5 September 2014 in San José. At that meeting, Costa Rica will take up the presidency of the Convention, which prohibits these indiscriminate weapons and requires clearance of contaminated areas and assistance to victims.

Costa Rica has played an important role historically in regional disarmament efforts and aims to see Central America become the first sub-region in the world to declare its territories cluster munition-free.

See Costa Rica Ministry of Foreign Relations official communication here.