04 March 2011

CNN iReport: 'Clearing cluster bombs on the Ho Chi Minh trail'

Screenshot from the CNN iReport of cluster bombs being dropped from a plane. (London, 4 March 2011) - An original video news report on the devastating impact of cluster bombs in Laos is among the nominees to win the first-ever CNN iReport award. With the help of reporter Samantha Bolton and an independent video production team, the Cluster Munition Coalition released the video, "Clearing cluster bombs on the Ho Chi Minh Trail," from Laos during during the historic First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions in November 2010. The short video focuses on the decades-old cluster bomb problem in Laos and documents the work being done today by civil society and governments to tackle the humanitarian problems caused by unexploded cluster bombs in affected countries around the world.Click here to view and vote for the video to win the first-ever CNN iReport Community Choice award.Competition is stiff, with 30 nominees across six categories, so we'd really appreciate if you could help by watching the video and casting a vote if you like it. Voting is open until 7 March 2011, and you can vote once every 24 hours, so please visit the above link and vote frequently. Please share the link with your friends and colleagues and ask them to vote too!Cast your vote before 7 March 2011!